#EPBstandards on heat pumps & measured energy: register now for free online pilot training! (July - September 2020)


Are you interested to benefit of a head start over your collaborators and competitors? Then register today to the CEN-CE online pilot training and certification for attaining new knowledge on 2 showcased CEN standards (heat pumps & measured energy) part of the improved set of Energy Performance of Buildings standards and actively contribute to the development process of this EU-wide training and certification by providing your valuable feedback.

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The online pilot training and certification (in EN only) shall be organized on the protected area of the CEN-CE website during the coming months. Overall, it shall test if the overall mindset of the CEN-CE project is effective and collect valuable feedback from trainees. Register now and be among the first in Europe to attain new knowledge on the following CEN standards:

Furthermore benefit of EU-wide public recognition and be listed on CEN-CE website after having completed the online training and passed the online exam of the CEN-CE pilot online training and certification.

CEN-CE is a 2-years long H2020 project started in June 2018 developing an EU-wide common large-scale training and qualification scheme for building professionals. The core of the scheme is the set of CEN EPB Standards related to the Energy Performance of Buildings, mandated (M480) by the European Commission for supporting the implementation of EPBD recast (Directive 2010/31/EU). The 2nd generation of EPB Standards have been published during 2017 and the whole package contains around 50 standards with new innovative structure, focusing on the integration of renewable energy sources, new systems and processes. For more detailed information about CEN-CE project and the resulting EU-wide training and certification scheme please check out the CEN-CE in a nutshell.

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