Slide decks and recordings of ALDREN's final conference


ALDREN is an EU-funded Horizon 2020 project aiming at establishing the business case for deep renovation in non-residential buildings with a focus on offices and hotels. The 3-year programme which started in November 2017 intends to encourage investment and accelerate the movement towards a nearly zero energy non-residential building stock across the EU, by 2050 to meet Paris Agreement commitments. An improvement in both the quality and reliability of building deep renovations operations is expected to be reached from the implementation of the ALDREN methodology.


Tuesday, 29th September 2020, 09.30 to 12.50, online


09.35-10.45: Session 1
ALDREN Outcomes supporting the European building renovation wave:

– ALDREN, a holistic and voluntary modular framework: Mathieu Rivallain, CSTB (PDF presentation)
– A European Voluntary Certificate and energy ratings: Jana Bendzalova, ENBEE (PDF presentation)
– Closing the gap in between calculations and measurements in deep renovations of
offices and hotels: Robert Cohen, VERCO (PDF presentation)
– TAIL, an awareness raising health & welll-being indicator: Pawel Wargocki, DTU (PDF presentation)
– Linking sustainability metrics to financial valuation: Olivier Greslou, CSTB (PDF presentation)
– Renovation Roadmap: Nearly Zero Energy Buildings as a target point: Simon Ligier, CSTB (PDF presentation)
– Building Renovation Passport: Setting up a long-term renovation plan: Marta Maria Sesana, POLIMI (PDF presentation)

10.45-11.05: Session 2 (I)
ALDREN in practice: Experiences from all over Europe (I)

– Key insights from pilot studies: Christophe Gérard, Certivéa (PDF presentation)
– Health & well-being quality across Europe: Corinne Mandin, CSTB (PDF presentation)

11.05-11.15: Short break

11.15-11.35: Session 2 (II)
ALDREN in practice: Experiences from all over Europe (II)

– Deep Renovation of hotel buildings: Mayte Garcia Córcoles, HOSBEC (PDF presentation)
– Major renovation steps for hotels: Carlos Espigares, IVE (PDF presentation)

11.35-12.45: Session 3
Potential follow-up and related initiatives
– How to measure and integrate environmental quality into real estate valuation:
Jean-Philippe Carmarans & Chayma Oueslati, Cushman & Wakefield Valuation France (PDF presentation)

– London BE SEEN Initiative: Verifying actual performances to serve a Zero Carbon Vision
by Ioanna Mytilinaiou, Greater London Authority (PDF presentation)

– French Decree: Paving the way to energy consumption mitigation for the
Non-Residential Building sector by Frédéric Rosenstein, ADEME (PDF presentation)

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