2nd CEN-CE Stakeholders' Workshop - 04 November 2019 - Brussels, Belgium


CEN-CE team organized under the leadership of REHVA the 2nd CEN-CE Stakeholders' Workshop on 4 November (10h00-12h30) during REHVA Brussels Summit (4-5 November) for enquiring, engaging and exploring synergies with key stakeholders across Europe about the CEN-CE training and certification scheme for identifying the best solution for the buildings sector in terms of EU-wide roll out strategy.

slide deck + recordings of individual presentations

set of Qs for live polls + full results of live polls

During REHVA Brussels Summit 2019, on 04 November 2018, CEN-CE team organized the 2nd Stakeholders' Workshop. It was an interactive event with live polling sessions and open discussions. The participants received in advance preparatory material for facilitating a more effective workshop during which the focus was predominantly on having an inclusive, constructive and fruitful discussion.

Over 50 participants covering 2 main target groups i.e. building professionals (mostly national level REHVA experts) and EU level stakeholders (Brussels based organisations) joined the workshop for initiating together the exploration process of possible strategic partnerships with the ultimate goal of maximising market usefulness and ensuring an effective and tailored EU-wide market uptake of the CEN-CE training and certification scheme.

This 2nd interactive working session opened the synergies exploration dialogues in terms of reaping full benefits of CEN-CE scheme in cooperation with other EU level activities on construction skills and national level training organisations (e.g. REHVA Member Associations).

Lastly, CEN-CE team, launched the CEN-CE pilot training and certification organised on the protected area of CEN-CE website. Interested in joining? Please fill in this form.

A big thank you again to all participants on behalf of CEN-CE team!

Let's continue the dialogue and value together all emerging synergies!

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