Become a CEN-CE strategic partner!
Become a CEN-CE strategic partner!

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Interested in exploring synergies with CEN-CE scheme?

You are interested in strategic partnerships? Get in contact with CEN-CE team for discussing about your activities and possible synergies with CEN-CE training and qualification scheme worth exploring together.

During the project implementation (June 2018 - May 2020) we are undertaking a thorough assessment of which organizations would be best fitted for strategic partnerships maximising market usefulness and ensuring an effective and tailored EU-wide market uptake of the CEN-CE training and certification scheme at national level.

On the long term CEN-CE scheme endeavours to cover the full set of EPB Standards (visual overview + detailed overview). As a result of the implementation of this first H2020 project the following list of standards will serve as starting point for CEN-CE training and certification scheme:

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