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EPB Standards Community

EPB Standards Community

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CEN-CE team encourages you to join the dedicated LinkedIn group EPB Standards Community (#EPBstandards) and the Build Up thematic topic energy performance calculation procedures and CEN standards.


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The EPB Standards Community aims at becoming the ideal place for dissemination and communication about initiatives and ongoing activities focusing on the promotion and exploitation of the set of EPB standards at EU, national and regional levels.

CEN-CE is facilitating the community building around the EPB standards developed by CEN related to the Energy Performance of Buildings under mandate M480 of the European Commission for support of implementation of EPBD recast (Directive 2010/31/EU). The 2nd generation EPB Standards have been published during 2017 and the whole package contains around 50 standards with new innovative structure, focusing on the integration of renewable energy sources, new systems and processes.

CEN-CE project is actively contributing to the EPB Standards Community by sharing project developments and engaging relevant stakeholders for collecting valuable feedback and developing high-quality and professional EU-wide common training and qualification schemes that could sustainably operate in CEN-CE project’s afterlife and ultimately arrive in the future at covering the complete set of EPB Standards. CEN-CE project is covering to begin with the CEN standards related to HVAC systems developed in the technical committee CEN/TC 228 related to building technical systems and overarching standard in CEN TC/371 for global indicator calculation.

On the long term CEN-CE scheme endeavours to cover the full set of EPB Standards (visual overview + detailed overview). As a result of the implementation of this first H2020 project the following list of standards will serve as starting point for CEN-CE training and certification scheme:

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