1. Operational and organizational design of the CEN-CE scheme

  • Benchmarking existing EU and national training schemes;
  • Mapping a list of required skills;
  • Developing the procedures for qualification and certification;
  • Review, test and validation of the qualifications.

The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) acts as a translation grid which links countries' qualifications systems/frameworks to make qualifications more readable and understandable across different countries and systems. CEN-CE qualification scheme will be designed to meet the requirements of EQF levels 4 (installers) and 5+6 (engineers, architects, national calculation methodology developers).

2. Technical content of the CEN-CE training and qualification scheme

  • CEN EPB standards developed in the technical committee (TC) CEN/TC 228 related to heating and water based cooling technical systems and overarching standard in CEN TC/371 for global indicator calculation.
  • Common structure and template for training materials development;
  • Design of HVAC systems;
  • Energy calculation;
  • Inspecting and measuring energy use in relation to calculated energy use;
  • Economical calculation;
  • Holistic approach of HVAC skills.

The training modules will keep the modular structure of CEN EPB Standards (new feature) so that different training modules can be used separately. This shall make the training materials more usable e.g. for public authorities, national trainings of independent experts for certification where innovative solutions are not fully covered today. However, to become a CEN EPB Standards certified expert all trainings modules are required and as such the qualification examination will cover all topics. English version of training material will be translated first to French, Italian, Croatian and Slovak.

3. Online pilot training and certification on experimental platform during project implementation

The online pilot training shall be organized on the protected area of CEN-CE's website between in Q1 2020. It shall test if the overall mindset of the CEN-CE project is effective e.g.:

  • Overcome gaps in national calculation methodologies e.g. measured energy evaluation, building automation and control, indoor climate indicators and in such way contribute to improved operation and maintenance of buildings;
  • Ensure proper interactions between manufactures (products, systems), design and execution.

Interested? Register here for the online pilot training and certification!

4. Commercial training and certification during project afterlife

During the project implementation there shall be a thorough assessment of which organizations would be best fitted to take up the training and qualification scheme at national level and how the central management and coordination of the EU wide scheme shall be organized.

Interested? Register here and you shall be contacted once the commercial training and certification is available (starting with autumn 2020)!


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